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A story of love


our artist

Stefanie Goh is a graduate from the University of the Arts London with a background in production and set design. Her experience in experimental and sustainable design had broadened her creativity to explore a range of mediums and materials for her projects. In her free time, Stefanie loves to read fiction and work on her bullet journal.

our story

What started as a playful way to keep the long-distance relationship interesting took a different turn to provide others with a similar experience. The founder, Stefanie Goh, decided to put her calligraphy and design skills together for the envelopes and letters she wrote to him. A commitment she stood by out of love, the same commitment she holds for others to express themselves in their letters, sealed and stamped.


A hopeless romantic, Stefanie would write to him sealed in her hand-made envelope every week. There is something about letter writing that strengthens and renews the commitment for one another. Behind the words on the letters are those warm shower thoughts, the small jolt of emotions and every other experience that reminds her of the little joys in life. She hoped that by the slightest chance, he would feel her touch on the very letter that had passed through the countless ganteries and authorities. Like our letters, our love truly does transcend every challenge and adversity. 

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