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A mixed of preserved and dried flowers arranged to bring out a rustic, country vibe. The colour combination was inspired by the vision of a getaway in a far-away farm in the countryside. We chose a solid wooden frame for our Giftbary frame collection as a reflection of how precious memories can be engraved and framed. The photo is held together by 2 glass panels to give the impression of a ‘floating’ image.


Complimentary 4R photo.

Complimentary card with message to be displayed at the back of the photo.


Dimension: 22cm x 18cm x 4cm

Calm (L)

  • Depending on the environment, our preserved flowers can last from weeks up to 6 months with the proper care. Please avoid direct sunlight and humid areas such as bathrooms and basements. They are best kept in air conditioned rooms or dry and well ventilated areas. No watering needed.

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