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Specially curated for the busy bees, unwind with our aromatic Sola flower arrangement. By introducing the Sola flower,  you can add a drop of essential oil to it, turning your floral arrangement to a lovely reed diffuser. 


This is a great gender neutral gift for any friends to help reduce stress, anxiety and just to have a beautiful piece in your home/office to display. 


We can all use that extra boost to get through the hectic daily tasks of modern life.


*Do note that you can only add essential oils on the SOLA flower, as depicted in the image, not on the roses or other fillers.*


  • Depending on the environment, our preserved flowers can last from weeks up to 6 months with the proper care. Please avoid direct sunlight and humid areas such as bathrooms and basements. They are best kept in air conditioned rooms or dry and well ventilated areas. No watering needed.

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