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Trimmed with gold finishings, this square glass box is the crème de la crème of gifts. These top-grade preserved roses have been carefully chosen for their round and full petals. The surprise lies in the bottom drawer where a dozen of Ferrero Roche chocolates awaits!

- 6 top-grade preserved roses
- Hydrangeas
- A dozen of Ferrero Roche chocolates
- Gold trim square glass box with bottom pull-out drawer to store accessories or other trinklets in the future
- A complimentary message on card


Bouquet Gift Sets.


Te Amo

  • Depending on the environment, our preserved flowers can last from weeks up to 6 months with the proper care. Please avoid direct sunlight and humid areas such as bathrooms and basements. They are best kept in air conditioned rooms or dry and well ventilated areas. No watering needed.

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